Our Approach - Ardfern School

Ardfern is a small independent school with a campus in Johnstone and one in Alexandria. We have a firm focus on teaching and learning and offer a curriculum which takes account for the need for flexibility to motivate and encourage pupils to develop to their fullest potential as set out in A Curriculum for Excellence. Our aim is to provide a broad general education for all our pupils. The education programmes at Ardfern are aimed at pupils who have previously had issues in school due to behavioural and/or academic difficulties, where their education may have been disrupted by periods of exclusion and/or other factors.

The aim of the curriculum is to allow the pupils to realise their strengths and abilities through their academic work, cross curricular projects and initiatives and through enterprise and vocational skill projects. It is designed to prepare the young people for return to mainstream and or future destinations in education or work. The focus of the school is with pupils in the age range 8 -17 years from a number of different authorities. We offer a full subject time-table at all stages and prepare all our young people in the senior phase for National Qualifications.

Following a number of failed attempts to integrate [Young Person] into mainstream primary, [Young Person] has been supported educationally and socially within Ardfern School, and I feel this has been the most significant support in his life.

Specialist Psychologist that worked with young person at Ardfern School.

Throughout the young person’s time at Ardfern staff pick up on their pastoral needs. This can range from a phone call to parents and carers, home visits or counselling sessions to resolve more pressing issues. Ardfern School provides an exciting and inspirational learning environment which fosters self confidence and ambition by giving the pupils an opportunity to develop an awareness of the world and the skills they will need in the future. Pupils receive help and support from their key teachers and our dedicated transition team who ensure a smooth journey into further education, training or work.