Technology - Ardfern School

Woodwork / Practical craft skills

Practical craft skills and woodwork are offered at Ardfern up to national level 4.

The aims of the courses offered are to enable our young people to develop practical skills while working with a variety of materials. At the same time the young people will be honing related skills such as numeracy and thinking skills gained through their academic experience at school.

Pupils in P6 – S2 are introduced to workshop safety, tools and how to use them. They then work on set projects to make both practical and decorative items. This helps enhance their skills and self -confidence and completed project items are displayed in school or taken home to families.


The Sciences are offered within the Curriculum for Excellence framework as outlined by the Scottish Government. Students will study a range of different topics in order to help them develop a curiosity and understanding of their environment, develop skills for life, learning, work and express opinions, make decisions on social, moral, ethical, economic and environmental issues.

The projects are designed to be progressive while also being safe and enjoyable.