Social Subjects - Ardfern School


History is delivered to pupils ranging from National 3 to 5 and Higher. The purpose of the course is to open up the world of the past for learners. By examining the past learners can better understand their communities, their country and the wider world.

Students will study three units, those being a Scottish topic, a British topic and the European and the World. Specific skills will be attached to each unit such as students feeling confident to study historical source taking into account aspects of their origin and content.

From level 4 onwards have to undertake a personal project. This may range from an essay to a report. This encourages pupils to work independently, communicate their findings and show skills and understanding acquired from previous work from earlier units in the History course.

Modern Studies

The teaching of Modern Studies is offered to students ranging from National 3 to 5 and Higher. The course aims to develop learner’s knowledge and understanding of contemporary political and social issues. The course develops in learners a greater understanding of the contemporary world and their place in it.

The subject will cover three areas, Democracy in Scotland and the United Kingdom, Social Issues in the United Kingdom and International Issues. Modern Studies is set in a classroom environment but also encourages a relaxed and comfortable settings where class discussions and debates to encourage students to express and share opinions.