Mathematics - Ardfern School

Maths is delivered in respect to the 3-18 Curriculum for excellence model. Maths is used in everyday activities and continues to grow and to find new uses in Science, Technology, Business and Social Life.

The introduction of Life Skills Maths (2,3,4,5) Allow the students to utilise maths in everyday contexts such as; Paying bills, Managing Wages, Saving, Time, and Shape and Measurement.

Study at National 4 & 5 level, pupils will study a more advanced level of mathematics, with the potential progression to higher mathematics. Students will study the topics stated above in addition to; Algebra, Area of Shapes, Pythagoras, and Trigonometry.

The life skills mathematics levels are arranged in such a way that there is a progression through levels of difficulty. The courses are based on real life situations as well as vocational purposes. The aim of all the levels is to increase the child’s skills and confidence gradually while introducing more difficult concepts such as Algebra and Trigonometry.